The Evidence of the Glove
SANDY KOZINN, ASH (Esmeralda), provides
a timely “take” on the Birthday Challenge.


“What do you make of this glove, Watson? I found it on the sixth step of our stairs.”

“It’s stained on the thumb and left forefinger. Probably dropped by one of your clients.”


“This glove cannot belong to a client. You returned from your rounds just before the rain started. You were writing at your desk, your slippers on, your boots off, your leg upon a footstool. I left, and saw no glove below. The boots are still dry, so you have not gone out, yet you spoke of no client.”


“Well, I don’t know how the glove got there, Holmes. It’s all nonsense, anyhow.”


“These gloves, Watson, belong to a physician, no stranger to this house, in haste this morning, who has difficulty walking stairs.”


“Nonsense, Holmes, how could you possibly know that?”


“A stranger would have missed his glove when he left. One whiff tells me that the stains are iodoform. A doctor who doesn’t re­move his gloves to replace the iodoform bottle in his bag is in a hurry indeed.”


“Oh well, it seems so simple when you point it out, Holmes. But the difficulty with the stairs? Bosh, Holmes!”


“The only physician familiar with this house has a sore leg. Surely steps are difficult. The glove is yours, Watson!”


“But I put my gloves in my pocket when I stopped on the stairs. Unless one....”


“Elementary, my dear Watson!”

“Cut! Print! Nice work, Mr. Rathbone, Mr. Bruce! Eight o’clock tomorrow for the fog scene, please.”



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