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All entries were brought to Columbia with the three dimen­sional items displayed on tables in the meeting auditorium and the posters in the hall gallery immediately outside. The PowerPoint entries were shown to the attendees. Since our Saturday programs were open to the public, the exhibits at­tracted a great deal of attention. The winning students and their families were our lunch guests, and our BSI speakers, David Hammer, Paul Herbert, and Don Izban, presented the awards and spoke to the group. The winners received a Sher­lockian book other than HOUN, autographed by the speakers and two other BSI—Herb Tinning and my husband Bob Rob­inson, an award certificate, and a cartoon suitable for framing, especially commissioned for the weekend by a well-known Southeastern cartoonist and artist, Jak Smyrl. In addition, a complete Sherlock Holmes was presented to each school’s library with the accompanying note:


The Hansom Wheels, Scion of the Baker Street Irregu­lars, of Columbia, South Carolina is pleased to present to your school library a copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. This is part of the prize earned by the North Augusta students who participated in the project spon­sored by the Hansom Wheels to mark the centennial of The Hound of the Baskervilles. It also marks the excit­ing Intergalactic Sherlockian Weekend in Columbia, April 26-28, 2002.


We hope that all of you will take a look at the Sherlock Holmes stories, and we know that you will enjoy Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson when you read their exciting adventures. Happy reading!


Pictures of the presentations were later sent to the students.


Our project was definitely a success. One student’s hometown newspaper did a feature article on her and her project, and the two teachers involved want to do the program again in 2003. We have promised copies of HOUN and possible participation of members of the Hansom Wheels in the introductory talks. Twyla will give an introduction in Victorian costume and there will be an awards event in spring 2003. At least one other school in the state is interested in a Sherlockian project. We want to keep the momentum going, and we encourage all scions to consider what they might do.


Sponsoring an activity for approximately 90 students requires at least $500 for purchase of the books with an education discount, prizes for students and schools, and luncheon expenses. We used an Aladdin Classic edition, published by Simon and Schus­ter, with a foreword by Newberry author Bruce Brooks. You’ll also need a contact with local schools, such as a teacher or ad­ministrator, and you should approach teachers in the spring prior to the school year. I will be delighted to share information with other scions contemplating a similar event. I can be reached via e-mail here.

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