(As presented by the Hansom Wheels Players at the 2005 Christmas Party)

by Dr. Robert E. Robinson (BSI)

Produced and Directed by Al McNeely

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The Players

Sherlock Holmes: John Wrisley

Dr. John H. Watson: Al McNeely

Inspector Lestrade: Phil Dematteis

Miss Hortense Harker: Pat McNeely

The Miscreant Beppo: David Cranford

Samuel Sandeford: G. B. Lane

Top left: A troupe of musicians from USC, provided courtesy of Commissionaire Emeritus G. B. Lane, plays Christmas music during dinner.

Above: The Hansom Wheels Strolling Troubadour, AKA Jim Welch, plays & sings a few Christmas songs prior to the commencement of the play.

Left: The play begins with Lestrade “just dropping in,” and mentioning his little problem to Holmes & Watson “in passing.”