The Hansom Wheels Christmas Party

The Palmetto Club, December 8, 2016

Photographs by Richard Blenko, Phil Dematteis, and Mary Snead Dematteis

(Left) Phil Dematteis, aka The Tantalus, calls the meeting to order after dinner; (right) Myrtle Robinson conducts the drawing for door prizes, which Al McNeely seems to find amusing

Ann Saylor wins a hand-blown decanter donated by Richard Blenko

Tim Robinson looks at the book he won, while his sister, Linda, does her impression of Beetle Bailey. Hey, wait a minute . . . it was Tim's mom who was running the drawing! I would probably complain about this, except that I won a prize, too.


Alida Rawl and John Wrisley lead the group in singing Christmas carols


The Play

The screen was supposed to say "The Blue Carbuncle," but it somehow got changed into a bunch of geometrical figures

Sherlock Holmes (John Wrisley) examines the Blue Carbuncle, which has just been delivered by Commissionaire Peterson (Richard Blenko), while Watson (Al McNeely) checks his script

Henry Baker (Phil Dematteis) arrives at 221B Baker Street in his Scotch bonnet to retrieve his hat and his Christmas goose

The goose

Holmes and Watson encounter a Cockney flower seller (D’Michelle DuPre) in Covent Garden Market

They negotiate with the belligerent goosemonger Breckinridge, who has a copy of The Pink ’Un sticking out of his overcoat pocket

Jewel thief James Ryder (Ellys Haynes) tries to get information from Breckinridge

Ryder begs Holmes for mercy, while Watson turns the page of his script


Crowd shots



My favorite part of the meeting

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